Monday, March 23, 2009

New High (M)art

Since 2007, New High (M)art has pitted itself against the limited scope of Angeleno fashion, which pretty much comes down to East Side Hipsters versus Rachel Zoe. The store's founders, Miho Ikeda and Richard James Brewer, have bravely intervened in this epic struggle, injecting it with a healthy dose of conceptual fashion, along with some spaced-out weirdness for good measure. Nestled in a cozy Chinatown storefront, the operation has nurtured a new generation of undiscovered talent with a series of “store moments,” or pop-up installations with stoner titles like “Cosmic Collision” and “World Fringe: an ethno, boho, afro pow wow.” In their vision quest, Ikeda and Brewer have introduced Alex and Chloe jewelry, Brian Lichtenberg, Telfar and Society for Rational Dress to the fashion-famished masses. Now, with the launch of their new e-shop, you’re just a puff and an interface away from the full experience. It’s transcendent design for the new millennium, man!

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