Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Accidents

Photographer Matt Stuart is exhibiting a decade worth of accidental moments captured in London.

In the midst of Hoxton Square - once the epitome of Shoreditch cool – photographer Matt Stuart is showing off nearly a decade worth of work. Not everything made it of course - only a few and well-selected images hang on the walls of the KK Outlet. But this isn’t your average East London cooler-than-thou fashion exhibition. This is about more than avant garde jewelry and ripped stockings. Go and see Stuart’s street photography and you will find yourself smiling and nodding in approval in regards to his humorous touch, and impressing patience.

Stuart has perfected the art of snapping the fleeting moments of everyday big city life. The sidewalks, the tube parks, shops – nowhere is safe from Stuart’s lurking lens. The result is an honest – and often amusing – take on the absurdity in which we live. Whether in black and white or using colour, Matt Stuart puts the fun back into photography.

Source: Dazed Digital

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bird's Eye View - Fashion Films

The only film festival in the world to celebrate female auteurs brings you the very best in cutting-edge fashion film.

The Birds Eye View festival, now in its sixth year, is a celebration of female filmmakers from around the world. For many the film industry is seen as the last bastion of the patriarchal social structure from which it arose. And although Bogart slapping some broad round the face is considered something of a faux pas by today’s standards, the portrayal of gender roles rife in Hollywood films – the ‘hero/damsel’ relation – seems depressingly archaic. This is of little surprise considering that out of the 311 nominations for Best Director in the history of the Oscars, only four have been female and if Kathryn Bigelow wins this year, she will be the first female to win the award. As well as various feature films being screened, including the fabulous The Hurt Locker, documentaries include a history of female matadors, a short season celebrating the brash and the bold of female Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Marion Davies and the first feature-length animation ever made, The Adventure of Prince Achmed by Lotte Reineger. One of the most anticipated events is Fashion Loves Film, which presents videos by various fashion designers and photographers including Ruth Hogden, Camille Vivier, Mel Bles and Toyin and will be followed by a panel discussion co-hosted by Jaime Perlman (art director of British Vogue), Kathryn Ferguson and Wendy Bevan.

Source: Dazed Digital

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Red for Good

I'll be in the house...

I just wanted to let you all know about a fab event happening here in Chicago on Thursday, March 25th. Chicago-based HIV/AIDS non-profit The Red Pump Projectis celebrating their 1st birthday with a fashion show styled by Aramide Esubi of The Sassy Peach!

The event is from 6:00-9:00pm at Bottom Lounge on 1375 W. Lake St. Not only will designs by local designers & boutiques be showcased, but Emmy award winning HIV/AIDS activist Rae Lewis-Thornton will also be honored with a "Living Legacy" award.

We encourage you to join us & rock your red pumps! The cocktail hour begins at 6:00pm, & the fashion show begins at 7:00pm.

Tickets can be purchased through the event page at: http://rockred.eventbrite.com. VIP tickets are going fast, there are only 20 left which include a seat along the runway, 2 complimentary drink tickets & a swag bag.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Versitile

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Available soon at www.rockettmansion.com

Friday, March 19, 2010


So, apparently I'm really into taxidermy but here's a more PETA-friendly version of the practice that's more recently been used as a medium for art. Shauna Richardson crochets these life-size animals. Sure, it sounds like something with bags of novelty value, but these are actually the product of years of research. "When I entered into art education I thought I would first get to the bottom of what art was, then study and practice it," she explains. "What followed was an obsessive three year attempt to find an answer to the question ‘what is art?’ During this time I devoured books, explored theories and attempted to push the boundaries of those theories to the limit. The fact that 'anything can be art’ is one popular theory. This contemporary concept has permitted artists to produce wide ranging work that includes audio pieces, gestures, text, actions, the void... I began searching for different directions to push the anything can be art theory."

Source: Dazed Digital

Thursday, March 11, 2010


These incredible 10” platform heels. Can you guess what the straw-like secret ingredient is? Dirt and hay? No, guess again. Granola bars? Nope. The answer: elephant dung. Shoe designer and former graffiti artist INSA was asked by Tate Britain to create an homage to Chris Ofili, the Turner Prize-winning, Nigerian-born, British artist with a retrospective currently on display at the venerable London art institution. Taking the task more seriously than you might think, INSA retraced the steps Ofili made 15 years ago and found pachyderm patties from the same family of elephants that produced the, um, material that the artist infamously varnished and added to his paintings in the nineties. With these works of art on your feet, you won't have to wonder what you stepped in. On display March 14.

Source: Hint Mag

Observer Ethical Award for Fashion & Accessories – your chance to be recognised!

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion is proud to be working with the Observer Ethical Awards once again this year. CSF director, designer & innovator Dilys Williams is the expert judge for the fashion & accessories category once again this year, and they are keen to see beautiful, inspiring and groundbreaking businesses, concepts and products blow all misconceptions of ethical fashion out of the water.

This is your opportunity to promote yourself! You must nominate yourself to be considered for an award, so don’t be shy - be proud of your work. Benefits include unrivalled profiling in the Observer Magazine, and amazing networking opportunities with potential investors, industry experts and pr-friendly celebs. This year the award is sponsored by Marie Claire so no doubt there will be significant editorial coverage to boot.

Closing date is 11 MARCH 2010 so get applying!

Full details at


Enter at https://www.global-research.net/oea/


Monday, March 1, 2010


Vivienne Westwood's latest creations for Melissa, Brazilian makers of recyclable jelly shoes, shown yesterday with her Red Label fall collection at London Fashion Week. This time the Dame rocked it out with ankle boots, ribbons and fancy buttons.

Source: Hint Mag