Friday, February 12, 2010

What We've Lost

photo courtesy of purple DIARY

I fell in love with Alexander McQueen after seeing his art direction of Bjork's Homogenic album cover in 1997; it made me look at fashion in a whole new light. He brought a creepiness to fashion none of us had seen before that would soon after bleed into other areas of art and culture. His references to extraterrestrial species, post-mortem remains and cultural controversies would set him apart and carve out a new direction in the world of fashion. I'm deeply saddened that we've lost such a genius and my heart goes out to those closest to him. Unfortunately, some of the most brilliant people are also the most sensitive to life's disappointments. It's the delicate balance of creativity and depression, which often go hand in hand, that artists struggle with the most. Although we've lost a beautiful mind, I hope we can learn to truly appreciate and support those artists who are still with us and especially ones we personally know. Our world would be bleak and colorless without their life's work.

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