Friday, March 26, 2010

Bird's Eye View - Fashion Films

The only film festival in the world to celebrate female auteurs brings you the very best in cutting-edge fashion film.

The Birds Eye View festival, now in its sixth year, is a celebration of female filmmakers from around the world. For many the film industry is seen as the last bastion of the patriarchal social structure from which it arose. And although Bogart slapping some broad round the face is considered something of a faux pas by today’s standards, the portrayal of gender roles rife in Hollywood films – the ‘hero/damsel’ relation – seems depressingly archaic. This is of little surprise considering that out of the 311 nominations for Best Director in the history of the Oscars, only four have been female and if Kathryn Bigelow wins this year, she will be the first female to win the award. As well as various feature films being screened, including the fabulous The Hurt Locker, documentaries include a history of female matadors, a short season celebrating the brash and the bold of female Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Marion Davies and the first feature-length animation ever made, The Adventure of Prince Achmed by Lotte Reineger. One of the most anticipated events is Fashion Loves Film, which presents videos by various fashion designers and photographers including Ruth Hogden, Camille Vivier, Mel Bles and Toyin and will be followed by a panel discussion co-hosted by Jaime Perlman (art director of British Vogue), Kathryn Ferguson and Wendy Bevan.

Source: Dazed Digital

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