Thursday, April 8, 2010

Samantha Donnelly's Compendium

In The Vitrine Gallery's first ever exhibition, collage, sculpture and found objects come together to create a strange new world.

The Vitrine Gallery, situated in Bermondsey Square, is run by two artists Alys Williams and Rennard Milner and the space is entirely self-contained. It's situated along one side of the square as a shop front, allowing them to work full-time on their art and to run the space showcasing new artists. They are currently looking to focus on artists from outside the London scene and bring a fresh perspective into the mix. Also based in the square is the independent Shortwave Cinema and soon to come is an independent bookshop, making this a thriving place for the arts as they aim to bring together the creative elements of the square for events over the summer encompassing film, spoken word and visual arts.

Samantha Donnelly is the first artist to exhibit at Vitrine Gallery. Using elements of collage and sculpture, Samantha works with found objects creating delicate and surreal ‘sketches’. These three-dimensional collages are an aesthetic treat. Having exhibited alongside Rachael Whiteread and Cornelia Parker in Leeds as part of 2009’s group show Perhaps Everything, Perhaps Nothing and having her first solo show Silver Sheer at Liverpool’s Ceri Hand Gallery in the same year, Compendium marks Samantha Donnelly’s first solo London show.

Source: Dazed Digital

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