Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And You Love...

Arnsdorf's new collection. Titled exactly that for a S/S 10 line catered to the graceful and romantic girl-next-door. Still, graceful, haunting and romantic, Arnsdorf has captured a generation of Australian dreamers with its girlish whimsy and silent strength. Reminiscent of 90s Californian beauties- think Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein- Arnsdorf has now added another dimension to the label’s already richly layered dynamic. Drawing on the quiet power of feminity for S/S 09-10, Arnsdorf takes the girl next door, rolls her together with natures grubby handed, intrepid explorer and adds a generous dose of simple, just-as-she-is sex appeal for one hell of a covetable package. ‘And You Love’ is a collection bursting with a myriad of conflicting elements- modernity and nostalgia, softness and toughness, innocence and sex.
Source: Dazed Digital

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