Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Just when I was both too busy to care about fashion and too bored to give anything a serious second look, ANREALAGE comes along and shatters everything I think about fashion at the moment. ANYTHING but dull, trendy and unthoughtful- I am impressed beyond words. The 2009 A/W collection「 凹 凸 」has had my head spinning for weeks. After reading a few interviews about the designer and the A/W collection, I've learned that the collection is aimed at looking at clothing with a 3 dimensional design process-exploring and forgoing the limitations of flat construction and pattern making to end up with an amazingly creative, artistic and well thought out collection that when taken out of the museum setting is even more beautiful. Every piece works both ways. I can't wait to see their S/S 2010.

Source: Dusty Dress

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